In this blog, I’m going to talk about the Internet of Things, also known as IoT. IoT is a pretty wide topic but I’m going to try and cover it briefly.

IoT refers to how physical objects connect and communicate with each other over the internet, we can split IoT into 4 different parts: Hardware, data, software, and connection.


The hardware part of IoT refers to all the devices that are connected to the internet, these devices produce information that will be useful for communication and interaction between different devices, some examples of these devices are: Phones, computers, TVs, sensors, smart fridges. Basically, anything that can produce information and is connected to the internet.


Data is what is going to allow communication to happen between devices, data is not only important for communication but it can also be pretty useful for us as users. Data can come in many ways, and devices will need a way to interpret all that information, here’s when software comes into play.


Giving a piece of software to our devices will allow us to use our devices to their greatest potential, software will enable our devices to process, store, and create information, having your smart refrigerator equipped with software will enable it to change the temperature, send you information about the items inside it and some will even allow you to post tweets.


Finally we have connection, we are able to control our house lights with out phones thanks to connection. The Internet allows our devices to “talk” to each other and perform actions based on the information they get from one another.

The fact that we can get our devices to do things for us is amazing, because it allows us to do what humans do best, innovate and create, IoT takes away the boring and easy stuff and leaves us with the opportunity to use our intellectual capabilities to create and enjoy our innovations.

There are many different opinions about IoT, some say it will take away our jobs because we can just get robots to do the physical challenging things, but in the other hand, IoT is saving and will save tons of money and time in the future, I think people shouldn’t be afraid of losing their job, we will still need to refactor sowftware, optimize it and create new technology, jobs won’t be physically challenging anymore, they will become intellectually challenging.


One of the biggest concerns people have about IoT is security, if every device is connected to the internet people with bad intentions might be able to hack your devices and break into your house or even steal your information. In order to solve this problem we will need to create safe technology using things like data encryption. IoT is happening right know and will keep on happening, we’ll have to do whatever is in our power to avoid getting our data stolen and trust the people making the sowftare and devices that make IoT possible.

That’s it, thank you so much for reading, here are some of the resources I used to make this blog post.

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